Results-Based Approach

The U.S. Government Action Plan on Children in Adversity lays a solid path toward achieving results by starting in selected priority countries. Specific entities within the U. S. Government, in collaboration with other actors, support capacity development of governments and local organizations to measure children failing to reach growth and developmental milestones, living outside of family care, exploited in the worst forms of child labor, and experiencing sexual violence by promoting methodologies that produce nationally representative results that are comparable across countries and time.

The Action Plan also calls for measuring specific outcomes within target populations of U. S. Government-funded projects when feasible, as well as tracking activities and important project-level outputs. Important aspects of measurement and accountability that are critical to the success of the objectives can be found within the Action Plan [PDF, 2.5MB] as well as within the outcomes for each objective laid out within the Objectives & Implementation section.

Investments in Evidence-Based Interventions

The strengthening of the economic status of families, preventing violence within and outside households, rescuing children from exploitive labor situations, removing children from institutions and placing them into protective family care, are associated with:

  • Reduced mortality
  • Improved physical growth
  • Higher IQ scores
  • Less grade repetition
  • Increased school completion
  • Less drug use/abuse
  • Fewer teen pregnancies
  • Higher earning potential

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