Learning from STRIVE: Improving Child Wellbeing through Integrated Development

Jun 30, 2015 |

After more than seven years of program implementation and research, the STRIVE program is coming to an end. To mark the end of this program, they are hosting a closing event that will reflect on program learning.

STRIVE identified several core areas of learning related to working across sectors, working with complex programming in challenging contexts, and engaging in good monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment.  At this closing event, STRIVE researchers, staff, and invited guests will present recommendations on how to move practice forward to improve children's wellbeing through programs that integrate economic strengthening with other complementary interventions. They will also present an overview of what has been learned, documents produced, and articles submitted for publication through STRIVE. The event will include moderated discussion with panelists. 

For more information visit the event page.