New Approaches to Monitoring and Reporting on Grave Violations of Children’s Rights in Armed Conflict

Jul 1, 2014 |

In 2005, the Security Council requested in Resolution 1612 that the UN Secretary-General establish a monitoring and reporting mechanism (MRM) to provide timely and reliable information on six grave children’s rights violations:

  1. Killing or maiming of children
  2. Recruitment or use of children by armed forces or armed groups
  3. Attacks on schools or hospitals
  4. Rape or other sexual violence against children
  5. Abduction of children
  6. Denial of humanitarian access to children

In the countries concerned, this mechanism is managed by country-based task forces co-led by UNICEF and the highest UN representative in the country. The Secretary-General lists in annual reports on children and armed conflict the names of armed forces or armed groups that commit grave violations against children and urges parties involved in implementing time-bound action plans to halt them.

On July 1, (10:00 a.m. – 12 p.m.), the Washington Network on Children in Armed Conflict (WNCAC), which is jointly convened by USAID’s Displaced Children and Orphans Fund and Search for Common Ground, will host a meeting at which two new approaches to information gathering and reporting on these grave violations will be presented and discussed. It will be held at the office of Search for Common Ground, 1601 Connecticut Ave NW, 4th floor.