Objective 4: Strengthen Child Welfare and Protection Systems

The U.S. Government will support partners to build and strengthen holistic and integrated models to promote the best interests of the child.

Effective and well-functioning child welfare and protection systems are vital to a nation’s social and economic progress,1 enabling children to access essential services – such as birth registration programs, education and health cost waivers, and social protection programs, including cash transfers and social insurance – and to exercise basic rights.2 Protection services prevent and respond to child abuse, exploitation, and neglect, both within and outside the home, and include assistance intended to educate and support parents and caregivers, strengthen community protection mechanisms, facilitate investigations into allegations of abuse and neglect, and provide appropriate care for children separated from their families of origin.

Child welfare and protection supports families and promotes the capacity of communities to care for and protect children.

Below are the specific outcomes that the U.S. Government aims to achieve.

Outcome 4.1: The percentage of children who have legal documentation and birth registration is increased.

Outcome 4.2: The number of laws, policies, and practices in partner states that promote and strengthen child welfare and protection at household, community, and national levels is increased.

Outcome 4.3: National and local human resource capacity for child welfare and protection is increased.

Outcome 4.4: The number of national and community systems effectively monitoring child welfare and protection concerns, programs, and outcomes is increased.


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  2. International Labour Organization. (2012). Recommendation on national floors of social protection.

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